Amazing Simplex App Source Code + Re Skin


  • Easy to Reskin the App
  • AdMob/Interstitial Banner integrated
  • All HD Graphics Included
  • All Sounds and Music Replaceable
  • Proper Re-skinning Documentation
Clear selection
  1. Highly Addictive
  2. Amazing Design.
  3. No extra code is required
  4. High quality user interface
  5. Easy to Re Skin
  6. Many Stages
  7. Step by Step Documentation included
  8. AdMob Banner & Interstitial Enabled
  9. Built using xcode
  10. iOS 7 & 8 Game

simplex game and amazing flat design. players need catch food in their package. Game based on SpriteKit engine. Fully write on xcode 6+. Gam is . Game is universal for (iPhone and iPad) and support all actual devices. Game include sound, AdMob, rate button and great sharing button with screen shot from game! See video preview!

App Reskinning Service

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